Why Childproofing is So Important

Children grow quickly, surprising the most alert parents with sudden changes in mobility and behavior - that's why it's so important to be ready. Childproofing is the best way to keep children safe from injury in the home, it provides a secure place for play and exploration and a more relaxed atmosphere for the entire family.

If you're planning on doing your own childproofing, visit our Safe Home Tour page for important safety tips. You'll also find some helpful resources on our Safety Links page. Begin the process by exploring your home as your child will, on hands and knees. Look for things that might cause an injury - small choking objects, batteries, furniture tags under chairs and tables, electrical hazards or windows and stairs that can cause a fall injury. You'll need to purchase and install safety products - this takes time and some carpentry skills. Many of the best safety products aren't available in stores and will require some research to track down.

Childproofing is a big job for busy parents, that's why a professional childproofing service makes sense. Whatever your decision, it's important to childproof now, before your child needs it!

Why Call Make It Safe?

Years of experience, childproofing thousands of New England homes, gives Make It Safe Childproofing a unique understanding of how injuries can happen in the home and how to prevent them. We put that experience to work thoughtfully, identifying household hazards, helping you to understand how injuries can happen, and installing the most workable childproofing solutions for you and your child. Our aim is to create protected areas in the home where families can be together in a more relaxed atmosphere and children can play and explore without repeated interruption.

Make It Safe installs the best safety products available, many are not sold in stores. Our safety gates, latches and guards have been field-tested by experts and proven durable in homes with the most active children. All of our installations are done by a licensed MA building contractor and are house-friendly - neat and unobtrusive - leaving barely a trace when it's time for removal. If something doesn't work, we'll come back to fix it right away. We specialize in customized installations for areas that may seem impossible to make safe, like spiral staircases, low banisters, unsafe decks and converted loft spaces.

Give us a call. Your child will be safer - and you'll have peace-of-mind! Whatever your childproofing needs, trust Make It Safe to help create a safer, more relaxing home for you and your baby.

Years of childproofing experience

Educating parents about household hazards

Creating protected areas for the family

Licensed building contractor installations

Customized solutions for problem areas

A safer baby and peace-of-mind for parents